"Small Businesses Spend 50% more on IT and Telecom services per employee than their larger conter parts."*

*Small Business Research Summary - Telenomic Research, LLC
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"80% of Billing Errors favor the phone company."*

*Ezine Articles
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Maximizing Your IT Dollars!

Telecom and IT Expense Auditing Services

"39% of CIO's could not explain their Telecom Bills."*

*Computer World Article
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With Topics like these in the headlines its not hard to understand why Small to Medium sized businesses need someone on their side to help control and optimize their telecommunications expenses.  Most companies with less than 1000 employees do not have someone on staff to review, dispute and audit their IT expenditures.  Voice, Data, Professional Services and Support have become the largest expenses of companies IT department.

There are many expenses in Telecommunications that can be mitigated, managed or even avoided with some industry expertise and analysis.  The biggest obstacle is usually the very same company that is current providing a business with services.  These large phone companies are doing everything they can to protect their Billions a year in profitability

This is where Bay Area Telecom Consultants comes in.  We're here to help companies manage their telecom and IT expenses through:

  •      Billing Audits -  Find hidden fees, over charges and errors that suck the profits out of your company
  •      Technology Reviews - Is old technology costing the company more than it should?  Could new technology improve productivity? 
  •      Competitor Analysis - Are you paying too much? Who can help lower cost and better support the your needs?

Call us today to setup an initial consultation to make sure you're IT and Telecom dollars are doing everything they can for your company.   


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